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Walking Home

Repost: Hey guys, I’m back with a new one. This one’s called ‘Walking Home’. This poem is so relatable to me. I never knew I could write a song so sad but also so true. I hope you guys like. And don’t forget to follow me for new post updates. I think I’ll be posting one whenever I write. I may not post for a whole week or I may post daily. It depends on my mood. Don’t worry guys, just feel ;D

Alone I walk,

Away from my home .

Nowhere to go,

Nowhere to be .

Alone I walk,

Away from them

In search of peace

Escaping their lease.

I want to be free

Go wherever I dream

Have a home by the stream,

Away from them.

Alone I walk ,

Away from hell,

To find a home

And roam and roam.

Now I see it,

Waiting by the stream,

It’s the place I dreamed,

So I’m walking.

Alone I walk,

Away from them,

With no one to stop

Me from walking home.

– P

© The Tomboy’s Attic, All rights reserved


Hey! I'm Pannaga! I'm 17 and a GAl! I'm a tomboy! And I have a thing for hoodies and the name 'Dexter'!! I may be the wildest, goofiest, unpredictable-est, and sarcastic-est person you might ever meet. I love to SLeEP! Wanna know more about me? You will :P

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      2. Hold on! 5th month????? I didn’t know that!
        If you can’t give tips could you at least tell me something you like or dislike about my blog?
        Just take your time

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